Murder Loves Killers Too (2009)

The slasher picture gets molested in this wickedly funny horror-thriller out of Writer/Director Drew Barnhardt. Interesting is the order of the day. Big Stevie's brand of fun. "Murder Loves Killers Too" can be an off-beat perverted treat for horror fans. Big Stevie has a sexual problem. Murder is how he's got sex. And Large Stevie knows that there is no better means for a repressed killer to blow off steam than murdering a bunch of carefree free-spirited adolescents. After her friends are all chopped, chopped, and slashed, sweet young Aggie is left to confront against this ridiculous psycho. Now she's got a pervert on her handson. A big one. And Big Stevie's problem can eventually become Aggie's problem real fast.

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